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Love is…
Jesus Christ
A mothers embrace
A soldiers ultimate sacrifice
Shed blood on a cross
An eternal vow at the altar
Patience and selfless giving
Knowing when to shut up and listen
Knowing when to back away, but still be close by if needed
A fathers pride A mothers tears
Unconditional forgiveness
A mighty shelter in a storm
A child’s adoring stare
Undeserved grace
The opposite of heart dissolving loneliness
Heartache and desperation
Saying no to the good looking stranger
Smiling when your child erases your novel
The only thing that matters
The only thing worth dying for
My oldest son in heaven
Hate’s only solution

I searched for love when once a youth and thought I found the light… that slips through your finger and puts holes in your heart that delicious candy and bitter root,
I chanced upon, and met, and did try and gain the better of In desperate attempt to vanquish loneliness, I did step into the breach, and was stung, and shattered by loves powerful back lash, my tender heart smashed on the rocks of despair.
A lifetimes journey did I wait, and search, and false find, and agonize, and realize through pain, that I had not indeed touched loves real light, nor stood in its glorious radiance
As I became seasoned, I learned to love, and gained love, and gave love, and now am enveloped in loves warm, comforting, genuine embrace
My wife and children, my faith, and a home, and a place to call home, is my love, and let’s not forget my writing, my new found love, that’s been waiting on me, in an unopened room in my mind

Love is a completion of harmony and union
Love is the answer
Love will find a way
Love is…
God’s greatest gift to humanity
God’s greatest gift to me
Love is…evil’s kryptonite
R.B. Tetro ©8/15


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