Writing prompt entitled, A simple touch…

They are the nobodies of the world, the nothing’s, the ones that don’t count. You know the ones I’m writing about. You might very well be one of the ones that I’m writing about.
The people that don’t seem to matter, the ones that remain hidden in plain sight, right in front of those who do matter. The humans that are not the prettiest or maybe they are too big and scary, or without formal education or too small or not too bright or quick with a joke.
The ones that do your tax returns and read your books, and take care of your houses, and go about their daily life surrounded by people that take them for granted, that forget their even there from time to time.
It’s easier for those people to live inside of themselves, to shore up their walls of inadequacy and self- doubt with loneliness and imagination.      No one can see how special they are. Or maybe there not special which makes them even more special.      Perhaps you could spare them a smile, not the fake one that say’s to them, I wish they would quit coming around, but one that says to them, you used to be a nobody too, and that you still remember …how it feels to be invisible.
I wonder sometimes if maybe there is a special place set aside in heaven for the loners of the world, the ones that can count their friends on one hand and still have fingers left over.    I wonder if God has a special place in his heart for the ones that everyone else doesn’t want to be around. The ones whose only interaction with the world, is when they have to pay for gas, or when they actually get up the nerve to not go through self -checkout.
Or you one of those people? You know the ones, the ones that show up at the party and never feel welcome, because they’re not really, because they can never feel welcome anywhere.
It is often the quiet ones that have the most to say and to offer, not because they have any more than anybody else to say or offer, but because the loners are seldom heard and what they know and have to share with the world, is often unexplored thus never appreciated.
If your one of those people, those lonely solitary people, than you know the priceless value of an encouraging word, a pat on the back, you know, a simple touch, perhaps a steady hand on the shoulder that says, I know you are here thank for coming I’m glad that you are alive.
When a loner writes, I think that it is their way of saying to the world… I am alive, and I count for something, and I am somebody, and here is some of what I am. If you care to read my words you can see inside of me and my soul and perhaps learn from me or maybe just appreciate my existence.
Remember in your busy, popular day to acknowledge the loners, the ones who drift in and out of your life randomly, just enough for you to know their faces, but never enough for you to really know them.
Don’t forget the power of a smile, a nod, a simple touch. © 9/15   R.B. Tetro


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